Border Affairs is sober, authentic and credible

Quarterly Journal on India’s strategically-located states bordering China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan

Published from the Indian capital of New Delhi

Latest Issue

BA V22, No2, 2021

Border Affairs

  • Editorial : Tukde tukde Jammu & Kashmir
  • What next after polls in Gilgit-Baltistan
  • China-India crisis : Emerging factors
  • Afghanistan : A silver lining in the midst of voilence
  • Pakistan : Blowing hot and cold
  • Bangladesh : Extremists spark a backlash
  • Response : Sixth Schedule for Ladakh

About Border Affairs

Relevance and Importance

Published from the Indian capital of New Delhi in January, April, July and October every year, Border Affairs is a sober, authentic and credible Quarterly Journal on India’s strategically-located states bordering China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

The journal contains well-researched material and has a close look on the contemporary scene; its coverage of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, North-East, Tibet, Tibetan Diaspora, Pakistan, Nepal, China and Bhutan is held in high esteem in knowledgeable circles. It has a special focus on people in these regions while, of course, writing on terrorism and activities related with it which dominate Border Affairs’ wide range.

so far 87 issues of Border Affairs have been published.

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Our Readers

Top security experts, academicians, politicians, armed forces and defence, education and media-related libraries. In India the institutions include

Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (Mussoorie)

Parliament Library (New Delhi)

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (New Delhi)

Indian Military Academy (Dehradun)

Defence Services Staff College (Wellington)

United Service Institution of India (New Delhi)

Northern Command

Western Command

Central Command

Army War College, Mhow

Centre for Air Power Studies (New DelhI)

Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force Academy (Mussoorie)

Indraprastha College for Women (Delhi)

Press Club of Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir)

Maharshi Dayanand University (Rohtak)

Central Institute of Buddhist Studies (Leh)

Ladakh Buddhist Association (Leh)

Central News Agency, New Delhi

Meet the Team

Our Contributors

R. K Misra

Prolific writer and radio and television commentator known for his sharp analysis of events especially of Western India, based in Gandhinagar, the Capital of Gujarat

Narayan Bareth

After a long stint with BBC served as Professor of Journalism in University of Rajasthan, is famous for his one-liners, an authority on the important Western state sharing long international border with Pakistan, currently Rajasthan State Information Commissioner

Nizamuddin Bhat

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)-based veteran journalist and political activist in turbulent Kashmir Valley, knows land and people too well

Rashid Ahmed

Srinagar-based journalist with vast experience of reporting from Jammu and Kashmir, especially the Valley, for leading national dailies Hindustan Times and Pioneer as well as the weekly Sunday magazine apart from the regional newspapers like Kashmir Times and Daily Excelsior and Jang group of Newspapers (Pakistan)

Thupstan Chhewang

Twice member of the Lok Sabha from trans-Himalayan territory of Ladakh adjoining China and Pakistan, first head of elected Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Leh, presently president of the powerful Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) and a key leader of the "apex committee" of the "People's Movement for Sixth Schedule" for Ladakh, widely admired for his simplicity and objectivity. Among first leaders to have pointed to Chinese intrusions in his vast constituency by travelling to affected areas

Chering Dorjay

Known for clarity of views, a former Cabinet minister in Jammu and Kashmir, belongs to Leh (Jammu and Kashmir), ex-Chairman and Chief Executive Councillor (CEC) of LAHDC Leh, important leader of the "apex committee" of the "People's Movement for Sixth Schedule" for Ladakh, well informed about Pakistan and China’s moves on border

T. Samphel

Veteran political leader from Ladakh, has deep knowledge of history and geography of Aksai Chin, under China’s illegal occupation

T. Phuntsog

Retired senior government functionary known for the development of pashmina, wool and fodder and pioneer of pashmina cooperative movement in Changthang, high altitude plateau, has closely studied impact of Chinese intrusions on local economy, senior leader of the Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) Leh

Pushp Saraf-01

Border Affairs is Published, Printed and Edited by Pushp Saraf

A top political and Parliamentary journalist of New Delhi who is also an acknowledged expert on Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Rajasthan